A Beautiful Mind

“A Beautiful Mind” – Pen & Ink drawing with unfunded Bitcoin Wallet – original, signed print with Buy-back Guarantee. Limited Edition of 100 pieces.

Each piece is 9” x 12” on acid free paper with archival ink. Suitable for framing or display in a presentation book.

About“Since June 7, 2011 – the day I discovered bitcoin – I have not been able to keep it off my mind. The potential to change the world and give greater freedom to those who want it is literally “mind-blowing”. Bitcoin has been “on my mind” every day since – and probably will be until the day I die. To me, this piece has multiple meanings: the skull is both a “piggy bank” for storing bitcoins but it also represents the potential death of traditional money and power structures. It can represent the thousands of times bitcoin has been declared dead – only to rise again. This drawing is also a self-portrait. The hand is mine and I imagine I’ll probably take a few bitcoins with me to the grave. ” – Steven Michaels

Price: $1,000/each

Shipping: (billed separately when you are ready to take delivery)


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