About Art Of The Coin

We are excited about free-market money and the way it is making a difference in the human condition. We accept Bitcoin and just about any other cryptocurrency that has value. When we have freedom to create and trade with one another we can achieve new levels of prosperity. I created this online gallery to support free-market money through inspirational art. I hope that you enjoy your stay and may you discover a work of art that moves you. – Steven Michaels, Artist & Founder, ArtOfTheCoin.com

Buy-Back Guarantee

We believe that fine art can be enjoyed and appreciated without financial risk. When you buy an Art Of The Coin artwork you can own it for as long as you like and we will buy it back anytime (even 10 years from now) at the original, U.S. dollar-denominated purchase price, using the same medium of exchange. Just return it to us in resalable condition. To paraphrase the slogan of a luxury watch brand, we never really own our art, we merely look after it for the next generation.

You can also trade with other collectors in our Collector’s Forum.


The Buy-Back Guarantee is transferable to third parties if you sell your art to another person but you will need to register the transfer in our Owner Registry.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each of our works comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

FREE Storage

Not ready to take delivery of your purchase? No problem, we can hold your art until you are ready for delivery at no extra charge.